[Flac-dev] Indexed FLAC file?

Pierre-Yves Thoulon pierre-yves.thoulon at centraliens.net
Sat Jan 8 05:51:15 PST 2011

Is this achieved by adding a cuesheet in the VORBIS_COMMENT block, using a
CUESHEET key ? Some players can interpret this, as does foobar2000. That's
what I used for my own collection. All FLAC files are exact copies of the
original CD, properly indexed. I've written a couple of utilities to ease
the process of creating the cuesheet. They're available here:
http://www.mjuware.com, and free...

Or did I misunderstand what you meant ?


On Fri, Jan 7, 2011 at 23:53, George Barton - crashputer at gmail.com
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> Hi all,
>    I have a very large music collection that I keep on a portable hard
> drive (to plug in to car USB, carry with when I'm at my office, etc).
> All but a few dozen files are part of an album, and not a single audio
> file. This translates to an insane amount of files stored on my hard
> drive. I am very strict about how I label and file my media (I loathe
> unlabeled audio tracks), but even so it is very tedious at times to
> navigate this file structure, and takes a long time to load in my car. I
> have seen other file formats (specifically one proprietary audio book
> format) that supported indexing, and think it would be a great feature
> to add to FLAC. Example...
> Instead of having:
>     \Dark Side of the Moon
>         01 - Speak to Me.FLAC
>         02 - Breathe.FLAC
>         03 - On the Run.FLAC
>         ...
> Like a CD, you would have:
>     Dark Side of the Moon.FLAC
>         -01 - Speak to Me
>         -02 - Breathe
>         -03 - On the Run
>         ...
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