[Flac-dev] Idea to possibly improve flac?

Jørgen Vigdal jorgen at anion.no
Fri Jan 7 12:42:19 PST 2011

Hi folks!

Due to the fact that more and more users increasingly use MP3 < 320kbps as their source for encoding music, and publish it as flac files, I suggest that something is done in the flac encoder to possible avoid this.

My idea is kinda easy/stupid, but might work;

Implement a function that use a FFT to check if the input has frequencies > 16kHz, and informs the user that the file would not be encoded unless a -force parameter is specified (or at least ask the user if he or she want to do this :) ) 

Hopefully, this will reduce the number of files released on the internet, re-encoded from a lossy file format. Unfortunately, many users avoid using flac, because they think the encoder is lossy due to the poor sound on some files released. 

Thanks in advance.

Jørgen Vigdal

jorgen at anion.no
Phone: +47 91320132
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