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Sven-Hendrik Haase sh at lutzhaase.com
Wed Feb 9 04:46:10 PST 2011

Ben Wilhelm <zorba-libflac at pavlovian.net> wrote:

I've been putting some work into building Libflac into a game engine I'm working on. I ran into a few small issues in the process, and was able to fix them, so I thought I'd post with my fixes. These aren't generally applicable - I'm taking a "shortest path to functionality" approach - but with a little work could probably be turned into general patches. First, I'm occasionally building under MingW, via the Windows headers. LibFlac makes use of a constant SIZE_T_MAX, which, under MSVC, is defined as UINT_MAX. Unfortunately MSVC isn't the determining factor here, the Windows headers are, and so MingW results in an error. My simple fix was to remove the MSVC check - if SIZE_T_MAX doesn't exist, it *always* defines it as UINT_MAX. That's line 38 in include/share/alloc.h. Second, I'm occasionally building under OSX. I ran into a bunch of problems with OSX thanks to its weird 32bit/64bit setup, but I don't currently care about 64bit so I just did what was necessary to force it to 
The final issue ended up being the assembly routines, which don't understand OSX's "macho" format. In src/libFLAC/ia32/nasm.h, I replaced "%error unsupported object format!" with "%define FLAC__PUBLIC_NEEDS_UNDERSCORE" and everything worked beautifully. Obviously in a real situation you'd want to create an %elifdef OBJ_FORMAT_macho block. Unless I've completely botched my test program, which is always possible, both builds now work flawlessly. Hope this helps someone :) -Ben_____________________________________________
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See here: http://www.schleef.org/blog/2011/02/03/flac-code-mirror/

I use the patch branch in there to cross compile my game engine which indirectly uses libflac.
-- Sven-Hendrik
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