[Flac-dev] Feed decoder from c++ std::stream

Bastiaan Timmer basjetimmer at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 11 02:20:03 PDT 2011

Well, unless somebody has a brilliant idea, I am giving up on this. I don't see how I can do what I wanted to. The slightly hacky way I thought would work, was by guaranteeing the read_callback could read at least enough data to make process_single() return (ie the buffer should contain at least 1 frame or block). But it seems that even when the maximum frame size is known, that can never be guaranteed (probably due to sync errors). The only solution I can think of is an API change such as proposed here:

In the meantime, my program will have slightly limited FLAC capabilities and use a separate code path when flac decoding is requested.

PS.: What is the status of the project by the way? I know FLAC is very widely supported, and I generally really like the library and the format, but the current version is old, and if I'm not mistaken the CVS hasn;t been touched in years. Please tell me the project isn't dead.

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