[Flac-dev] Difficulties in add cover art to FLAC file

Josh Coalson xflac at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 19 20:28:07 PDT 2010

how big is the data?  there's a 16MB limit for metadata blocks.

see src/share/grabbag/picture.c:grabbag__picture_parse_specification()
for examples of function usage.

--- On Mon, 3/8/10, Anthony Liu <quadamage at gmail.com> wrote:


The above code will add a NULL cover art into the flac file, it works.
However, after I add the following code between the call of FLAC__metadata_iterator_next  and  FLAC__metadata_object_picture_is_legal,
I got a "fail to write: status 0" message.


I did some tests and it seemed that the error was caused by the FLAC__metadata_object_picture_set_data function,
the members of picture object like width, height, depth, colors were not initialized, are they mandatory or optional?
What's wrong with the code? Please help!


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