[Flac-dev] ARM asm optimizations for FLAC

Eric Wong normalperson at yhbt.net
Sun Mar 8 17:23:15 PDT 2009

Hi all, I thought I posted these as patches on the list years ago but
never got around to following up to them.  And I haven't followed FLAC
development in about as long.  These were tested (and still currently
run) on my ARM7TDMI (ipod 3g running ipodlinux).

You can download/view the patches individually here or just
pull the git repo or tarball:

Keep in mind that these were only for 1.1.3 and I'm not sure if they're
still relevant for current versions of flac, but if somebody wants to
modify/use them for other ARM projects and get them merged up for
inclusion, feel free to do so.

I have no time to continue development on these.  There are some
caveats/warnings in the original commit messages there, so please be
aware of them.  I've had these running for several years now without any
problems, though.

Eric Wong

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