[Flac-dev] FLAC support for unsupported win32 programs

Aaron "Caustik" Robinson caustik at gmail.com
Fri Nov 14 17:34:04 PST 2008

Not sure if this tool already exists in some form, or if it's been talked
about before.. but I got to thinking of a way to support FLAC in
applications that haven't added support in their code:

In windows, programs can be launched using the Microsoft Detours API (or
similar). This API can be used to do binary instrumentation on the programs.

This instrumentation can be used to intercept file i/o calls. This means
that we can simulate the existance of a .wav file (for example), even when
that file does not really exist.

This capability can be harnessed by creating a wrapper program that opens a
.flac file, and pretends that it is actually a file with a .wav extension.
To the application, it sees a wav file. Behind the scenes, the wrapper
utility would convert all file read/writes to FLAC files.

With some creative instrumentation, this technique could give users the
capability to open FLAC files with their default .wav file handler. Also,
the technique could even support drag+drop operations (with an explorer
plugin and/or explorer instrumentation).

Anyway, I think this is very feasable, but thought I would run it through
you FLAC developers before digging into it deeper. It would be really nice
to have FLAC support in a great number of random DJ tools I've been using
that do not support it already (not to mention various other multimedia

This could also really help make FLAC a more popular format, which is good
for us all :)!

What'dya think?

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