[Flac-dev] Flac player for Android

Tor-Einar Jarnbjo tor-einar at jarnbjo.name
Mon Dec 22 15:55:08 PST 2008

Hi Baris,

the Android media API (android.media) does not offer the required 
capabilities to play software generated PCM samples. The first Android 
SDK releases contained non-functional classes from the standard 
JavaSound API (javax.sound), but these were removed in later releases. I 
opened a bug regarding the JavaSound API a year ago, but it was closed 
by Google with the comment that they don't intend to implement it:



Baris Baser skrev:
> Hi, apologies if this question has been asked before; is there anyone 
> working on a flac player for the Android G1? Is anyone interested in 
> working on such a player?
> Thanks.
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