[Flac-dev] libFLAC++ Seeking

Gyürki István istvan.gyurki at freemail.hu
Wed Sep 26 07:58:55 PDT 2007


> Hello, 
> I've a problem with seeking using libFLAC++ API.
> The call to seek_absolute always returns with false, whatever I do.
> I tried many different ways, finally I tried to reduce my added code to near zero, so I used the cpp decode example in ...\flac-1.2.1\examples\cpp\decode\file\.main.cpp and added only one line:
> bool b=decoder.seek_absolute(1000);
> right before  
> ok = decoder.process_until_end_of_stream();
> seek_absolute always returns false.
> I'm pretty sure I missed something and otherwise this works fine.
> One more thing. I complied the 1.2.1 sources with msvc6 sp6 and this works with debug libs...
> Any hints?
> Thanks,
> Istvan
> got to mention, I tried with original flac-1.2.1-devel-win precompiled binaries, as well as with my builds. I created a build with some debug info added to release version, it seems that 

file_length_callback_ in stream_decoder.c returns FLAC__STREAM_DECODER_LENGTH_STATUS_ERROR, fstat returns !=0, but that sounds very strange, as the file is already opened and playable otherwise...


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