Fwd: Re: [Flac-dev] FLAC for "ARM little endian for glibc"

Josh Coalson xflac at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 18 17:19:03 PDT 2007

--- bastian block <bastian.block at gmx.de> wrote:

> On Thursday 04 October 2007 04:27:47 you wrote:
> > Sir, you need to provide more information.  What kind of errors? 
> What
> > is not working?  What exactly are you trying to do?  What compiler
> are
> > you using?
> H IV0, 
> we are using a lot of different cross-compiler (mainly based on GCC
> 3.4.x)
> When I tried to cross-compile FLAC for non-i386 platforms (such as
> ARM), I use
> use "configure" in the following way:
> (cd ~/UPnPTVStack/lgpl-code/flac-1.1.2; make 
> distclean; ./configure --host=armv5b-softfloat-linux --disable-shared
> LDFLAGS=-lpthread --without-XMMS --without-ogg ; make)
> Although I did not get any errors here, the target is not compilable,
> see 
> attachment.
> It seems that I could not get rid of dependencies from ogg and other 
> libraries.
> Is there any standadized way for cross-compiling FLAC standalone?

for no ogg, you need --disable-ogg, try

./configure --help

to see all options

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