[Flac-dev] cross-compile problems

Karl Håkansson kalle at jomenvisst.de
Tue Nov 27 10:19:38 PST 2007

At 17:23 2007-11-27, you wrote:
>--- Karl Håkansson <kalle at jomenvisst.de> wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I've successfully compiled flac-1.1.2 to transcode flac to wav with
> > twonkyvision running on a DNS-323 which has a ARM-processor. The
> > problem is that from time to time something hangs. Therefore I have
> > tried to compile the newest flac, flac-1.2.1, and it compiles with no
> > problems but when running it, for example "flac -t test.flac", it
> > only echos "Illegal instruction". Is there any way to expand error
> > messages from flac ?
>that message is not coming from flac, I think the cpu hit a bytecode
>that is not supported by your architecture.  arm has a lot of flavors.
>the problem probably happened somewhere during cross-compilation where
>the target flavor was set.

Okey, I compiled 1.1.4 but it said "segmentation 
fault" so I guess I'm stuck with 1.1.2. Better than not having flac atleast :-)


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