[Flac-dev] FLAC codec in OS X Leopard

Stephen F. Booth me at sbooth.org
Mon Nov 19 20:50:16 PST 2007

>> recently that Apple ships source code for a FLAC encoder and decoder
>> codec component in /Developer/Examples/CoreAudio/AudioCodecs/
>> FLAC.xcodeproj.
> You can find a slightly more detailed review of the Apple's FLAC codec
> implementation in my blog post at:
> http://barelyfocused.net/blog/2007/10/28/flac-support-in-mac-os-x-105-leopard/

Thanks for the pointer- I've been playing with this codec and  
attempting to write an AudioFile wrapper for the native FLAC format.   
It seems that the encoder discards a frame of input, but I haven't  
spent any time debugging to figure out why.  So it really isn't  
extremely useful after all!  If I have too much trouble fixing it I  
might write my own version.


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