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Gordon Gidluck gidluck at alltel.net
Fri May 11 19:35:13 PDT 2007

I did some checking and most if not all Flac applications on pocket pc are decoders. 

In 2005, I ported the Flac API to pocket pc and there is another port of it around also I see which is a project on sourceforge.net. But there are no pocket pc GUI applications equivalent to Flac.exe and Metaflac yet. 

My Live2496 audio recording application has a batch conversion tool in the 2005 versions which was sometime prior to when I added realtime encoding while recording. You are welcome to use that. You won't need to have a license for the software unless you wish to use it for recording. If you are interested in this , recording is available both from the pocket pc mic, or from Core Sound's PDAudio digital SP/DIF interface.

You could still use it for batch conversion to flac and also for listening through headphones to sound from the pocket pc mic. I have put a 2005 version here: http://live2496.com/previous/live2496_cab_42_20050612.CAB . The .dll for flac is included in the installer. 

Gordon Gidluck

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>i'm looking for the flac tools  (flac ,metaflac) for windows mobile (pocket pc).
>are they available somewhere ?
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