[Flac-dev] Adding support for .w64 (wave64) format

Brian Willoughby brianw at sounds.wa.com
Thu Jun 14 16:11:30 PDT 2007

I realize that it isn't much of an improvement, but AIFF supports 4GB  
recordings, and flac is compatible with this.  Being an avid "taper"  
myself, I have, on many occasions recorded up to this limit, and I  
always back up my original recordings using flac.

W64 support is more than welcome, but AIFF support gets you twice the  
length right away.

Brian Willoughby
Sound Consulting

On May 29, 2007, at 23:00, Justin Frankel wrote:
Our DAW REAPER (www.reaper.fm) supports W64 as well. We'd be happy to
share our W64 reading/writing implementations if someone wishes to
integrate them into flac...

Chris Cantwell wrote:
> I use Sony (previously Sonic Foundry) Sound Forge, which allows me  
> to save audio files in .w64 (Wave 64) format to get around the  
> 2GB .wav file limitation.  W64 was invented by Sonic Foundry, and  
> is an open format as far as I know.  The only programs I know about  
> using the .w64 format at the moment are Sound Forge and Steinberg  
> Nuendo, although there may be others out there.  With increasing  
> number of tapers recording concerts in 24bit, which takes up 50%  
> more disk space than 16bit files at the same sample rate (about 1GB  
> per hour), it is easy to blow past 2GB for a single file, which is  
> roughly 2 hrs of audio.  Some audio editors will stop after the 2GB  
> limit is reached, or start recording a new file, but Sound Forge  
> will keep on trucking when recording in .w64 format.  I can see  
> this format becoming more popular in the future.  I can then edit  
> the raw .w64 file in Sound Forge and convert it to 16bit-44Khz for  
> tracking/burning to a CD.  The problem comes when I try to archive  
> the raw audio .w64 files to DVD - sometimes I need to compress them  
> to make it fit.  Right now I have to break a .w64 file up into  
> 2 .wav files with Sound Forge, then compress each .wav file  
> individually with flac.  Or burn extra DVDs.
> So I would like to request adding .w64 support to flac.  It would  
> make archiving these files easier.

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