[Flac-dev] METADATA_BLOCK_PICTURE question

Brian Nickel brian.nickel at gmail.com
Sun Jan 7 02:14:49 PST 2007

Hi everybody,

I have a question about the following part of the METADATA_BLOCK_PICTURE
specification. The components: Width, Height, Color Depth, and Colors
Used don't provide an "unknown" value and seem to assume that the
program encoding the METADATA_BLOCK will be aware of these components of
the file.

As these fields seem to just provide "extra" information (I'm assuming
it's there to provide a decoder with information about the environment
in which the pictures were encoded) that is unnecessary for the display
of the images, could a value like 0 or -1 to indicate that the value
isn't provided?

Brian Nickel
TagLib# Lead Developer
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