[Flac-dev] Is FLAC fully cooked for OS X yet?

Evan Olcott ev at audiofile-engineering.com
Wed Jan 3 10:35:52 PST 2007

On Jan 2, 2007, at 1:54 PM, Josh Coalson wrote:

> this is reported a lot.  usually it is a misunderstanding in how
> to send samples to FLAC__stream_encoder_process() or
> FLAC__stream_encoder_process_interleaved().  if you could send
> your code where you are doing that, it would help.
> note that samples going in to the process calls must be converted
> to signed 32-bit integers (this is lossless) regardless of the
> initial format.  see also:
> http://flac.sourceforge.net/api/group__flac__stream__encoder.html#ga63
> from your description it sounds like you might be sending packed
> 16-bit samples somehow which could cause every other sample to get
> encoded.

OK, now I'm totally stumped.

I can confirm that I'm sending the encoder 32-bit signed integers,  
and that they are correctly representing the original file. I still  
get a silent file.

I tried making the resulting integers forcibly little-endian, and I  
got a FLAC file result that sounded like what a byte-reversal might  
sound like - noisy when there's data, but 0 is 0. I've heard it  
before, I recognize it...

But why when I send it *correctly* to the encoder do I get silence?

Another clue is that they see to be super-small files, but with the  
proper length.

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