[Flac-dev] Oggcodecs 0.73.1936 UNSTABLE released

Zentaro Kavanagh zen at illiminable.com
Sat Oct 21 21:49:04 PDT 2006

OK... another unstable release is out 0.73.1936


As before, most people should continue with 0.71 as that release has 
been reasonably well tested. Unless you are affected by a specific bug, 
or want to try a new feature.

The changes from 0.72 to 0.73 are:

# Encode options for theora, vorbis, speex and flac and property pages 
in graphedit
# Improved OGM decoding
# Improved subtitle support
# Vorbis channel order fixed
# 24/32 bit >2 channel decode support improved for vorbis and flac
# Fix end of file/repeat bug in flac
# Correct handling of aspect ratio in theora
# "Add to playlist" option for WMP appears in explorer right-click menu

Mainly, aside from fixing the FLAC bug that got re-introduced in 0.71, 
and fixing the aspect ratio handling in theora and channel order in 
vorbis. The major changes are in the encoders. All the codecs now expose 
most of the encoding options, and have a property page in graphedit. 
These have only had very limited testing, it's probably possible to 
crash it if you try hard enough. But other than that, you can set 
various settings in FLAC, vorbis, speex and theora now.

For all of the encoders, you have to set the options after the input pin 
is connected. (If you don't, there currently isn't a lot of error 
checking, but strange things will probably happen). Also the theora 
encoder has a quirk. You have to set it's options after the input pin is 
connected, but before the output pin is connected. The other encoders 
can be done before or after the output pin is connected. That will be 
fixed soon.

Next to be fixed is the output pin interfaces on the encoders, so they 
can chain back into their decoders, and some improvements to the muxer.


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