[Flac-dev] feature request

Bin Tian tian at cs.rutgers.edu
Thu Nov 30 15:25:35 PST 2006

Dear FLAC developers,

Thank you for your time and effort for creating such a great lossless 
compressor and make it freely available to the general public. I have a 
small feature request, which will make the life much easier for people 
like me who are converting from APE + CUE sheet to flac.

The feature that I'm requesting is:

Splitting flac files either according to CUE sheet or even simpler, 
according to time parameters from command line, WITHOUT decompress the file.

I think it would fit nicely with metaflac.

The reason for this request: As you probably know, many people have 
stored entire CDs in APE format with accompanying CUE sheet. This setup 
works fine in Windows using Foobar2000. However I have made the jump to 
Linux half a year ago, and there is no music player support for CUE 
sheet as far as I know.

I have already converted all my APE files to FLAC, and recently I 
started to split those huge files into individual songs. I can't find 
any tool to do the job without decompressing first.


-Bin Tian

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