[Flac-dev] Patch: zsh completion function for metaflac

Jesse W jessw at netwood.net
Mon Jul 17 19:29:26 PDT 2006

I've written a first version of a z shell completion function for the 
FLAC metadata editing program, metaflac; right now it doesn't complete 
any of the option arguments that arn't files, but it handles the 
various options, and handles looking only for FLAC files.

I plan to implement completion for the tag options, so that, i.e. 
`metaflac foo.flac --show-tag=` would automatically get a list of the 
tags in the file in the background and complete their names at that 
point; also, I'd hope the --set-tag= option would have a preset range 
of tags to set.

My eventual goal is to make metaflac (with zsh completion) into a 
more-or-less comfortable FLAC metadata editor.

The file is attached.  If the mailing system mucks it up, it's also 
available at

Please feel free to either incorporate it into the main distribution, 
link to it (on the wiki or elsewhere) or use it however you like.

Jesse Weinstein

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