[Flac-dev] Problems when using libFLAC to encode 24 bit content

Justin Frankel justin at blorp.com
Sun Jul 2 15:45:30 PDT 2006

Hi everybody,

We have FLAC supported for input/output in REAPER (http://www.reaper.fm), and the problem is that
when writing 24 bit FLAC files, the data isn't compressed (i.e. the FLAC is slightly larger than
if it was writing to .WAV). The files play back fine, however, and 16 bit mode works great.

We're using flac-1.1.2, built on win32 with MSVC6 w/ SP5 + VCPP, and NASM version 0.98.39

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Justin Frankel
justin at blorp.com

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