[Flac-dev] newbie questions

Mike M flacdev at makuch.org
Sat Dec 23 15:59:59 PST 2006

I wish to add flac support to my Windows audio player so
I wanted to ask a few questions.

I rely on another lib for decoding/playing flac audio files so all I need to

explicitly add support for is reading/writing flac metadata.

1st: I've downloaded libflac and have begun browsing. Is there a simple way
identify and carve out the pieces needed only for metadata i/o? Or will I
have to figure
that out myself? The point is I don't want to build in the entire flac lib
when all
I'm using is the metadata i/o pieces.

2nd: I've been looking for specs on flac metadata standards for "tag info"
Artist, Genre, title etc. I am unable to locate anything on this. I've dl'ed
sample .flac files and find little help there. Only thing I've found so far
I created flac "tags" with MediaMonkey on a .flac file and examine them. It
MediaMonkey is writing the "tags" similiarly to the ogg/vorbis "standard",

    comment[0]: TITLE=title name
    comment[1]: ARTIST=Artist name flac 1
    comment[2]: ENSEMBLE=Artist name flac 1
    comment[3]: ALBUM ARTIST=Artist name flac 1
    comment[4]: ALBUM=Album Name flac 1
    comment[5]: GENRE=Genre name
    comment[6]: COMMENT=comment1
    comment[7]: ENSEMBLE=Artist name flac 1
    comment[8]: TRACKNUMBER=1
    comment[9]: DATE=
    comment[10]: DESCRIPTION=desc1

Is this "the standard"? Is "the standard" documented anywhere?

Any advice is appreciated.


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