[Flac-dev] test_metaflac fails in make check for flac 1.1.2 after --add-padding is performed

Josh Coalson xflac at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 29 13:05:50 PDT 2006

--- Tom Goetze <tgoetze at yahoo.com> wrote:
> doing "make check" on flac-1.1.2, I get a segmentation fault 
> ././test_metaflac.sh: line 51: 17370 Segmentation fault          flac
> $*
> when running this portion of the test/test_metaflac.sh script:
> (set -x && run_metaflac --preserve-modtime --add-padding=12345
> $flacfile)
> check_exit
> check_flac                  <---------------- where the segfault
> happens
> All other tests in 'make check' passed. I commented out this portion
> of the test script and got a failure in the next line. I also tried
> adding --dont-use-padding (since that was reported to be a previous
> workaround), but it still failed.
> My linux distribution is a linuxfromscratch 6.1.1
> I built flac using blfs 6.1 directions:
> LIBS=-lm ./configure --prefix=/usr && make
> Only thing interesting in the make output was the warnings about
> inlining failures, in bitbuffer.c and md5.c
> ~/sources/flac-1.1.2$ gcc -v
> Reading specs from /usr/lib/gcc/i686-pc-linux-gn/3.4.3
> Configured with: ../gcc-3.4.3/configure --prefix=/usr
> --libexecdir=/usr/lib --enable-shared --enable-threads=posix
> --enable-__cxa_atexit --enable-clocale=gnu --enable-languages=c,c++
> Thread model: posix
> gcc version 3.4.3
> No XMMS support was built.
> I didn't see anything immediately related in the bug list, but just
> in case I posted to the dev mailing list first.
> Anything I can try/report on to help narrow this issue down?

hmm, two things would help.  first change the first line of
test_metaflac.sh to

#!/bin/sh -x

when you run the script you will see the exact invocation of flac
before the crash.  if you send be the FLAC file, that might help.
also, if you can run the same command in gdb and get a backtrace
that would be another clue.


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