[Flac-dev] A couple of points about flac 1.1.1 on ppc/linux/altivec

Brian Willoughby brianw at sounds.wa.com
Sat Jan 29 16:17:55 PST 2005

[  as -v gives:
[  Apple Computer, Inc. version cctools-384.obj~11, GNU assembler version 1.38
[  so I am kind of losing hope that any simple configure test is
[  going to get it right.  it is GNU assembler (old) but also from
[  apple's developer docs that came with it, they have tweaked it
[  a lot (but funny, there are no sources for it, even though the
[  docs give a path to them).

I believe that the sources are part of (one of) the Developer Install  
packages, but you have to enable one of the optional checkboxes during install.  
 The sources take up a respectable amount of space, so they're not installed  
by default.  Not sure which package, but you can probably hunt around on your  
Developer CD for the open source package, rather than loading the whole  
Developer multi-package.

Brian Willoughby
Sound Consulting

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