[Flac-dev] rice format

CHI Hongliang hongliang.chi at enst-bretagne.fr
Sun Apr 10 10:34:30 PDT 2005


I am now develloping an embeded decoding system for flac.I have a problem about the format of the rice coding:

the residual begins with : 01 01 08 0C

the first two bytes are the warmups, the prediction order is 2. and the 080C is the following:
00 0010 0000 001100

the first two bits mean: residual coding method is partitioned rice
the following four bits mean: the partition order is 2 ;
the following four bits mean: the rice parametre is 0;

then,  accdoring the ["k" zeroes][1][low-order bits][sign-bit] format, I found the first decoded residual is : -2,

 and with the Fixed predictor, I got the decoded sample: 2*1-1 +(-2) = -1,  but the real number is 3.I can not figure out what is the problem. Is it the problem of the rice format? or the predictor? 


this is what i got by: flac -a 
frame=0 blocksize=16 sample_rate=22050 channels=1 channel_assignment=INDEPENDENT
subframe=0 wasted_bits=0 type=FIXED order=2 partition_order=2

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