[Flac-dev] linking against the static libraries

saruman at pandora.be saruman at telenet.be
Fri Sep 17 05:39:25 PDT 2004

We would like to use the static libraries in our commercial software.
This software is an MFC application which is statically linked to the MFC libraries.

We added LibFLAC_static.lib and LibFLAC++_static.lib but this causes an error when trying to run our application ('A required file was missing MSVCRTXX.DLL').

After looking in the Project Settings of the FLAC source, I found that the 'Runtime Library' setting was set to: "Multi-threaded DLL(/MD)".
Changing this setting to "Multi-threaded(/MT)" and compiling again with the new LibFLAC*_static.lib solved the problems.

Now, the codec libraries are distributed under Xiph.Org's BSD license.
Is this still applicable if we compile the FLAC libraries and use these libraries in our software?


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