[Flac-dev] flac-1.1.1 completely broken on linux/ppc and on macosx if built with the standard toolchain (not xcode)

Josh Coalson xflac at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 9 13:45:07 PDT 2004

--- Luca Barbato <lu_zero at gentoo.org> wrote:
> The asm code isn't gas compliant.

went back and looked at this again.

the lpc_asm.s in FLAC 1.1.1 compiles fine with OS X's cc, but
not with gas.  the patched one you sent doesn't compile with
the native cc.

is there a common syntax that both support?  or do we have to
have two versions of every PPC asm file?  I want the code to be
able to be built with the native OS X developer tools.


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