[Flac-dev] [PATCH] AltiVec Patch Updated for 1.1.1

Chris Csanady cc at 137.org
Sat Oct 9 06:16:49 PDT 2004

Included is an updated patch against Flac 1.1.1.  Although I can not be 
certain, I believe that
it will function under Linux as well as Darwin.  By default, the asm 
versions of the functions
are disabled.  However, if you are on a Darwin system, you may enable 
them with:


I have also included support to detect AltiVec and also PPC64 
availability, which should work
with Linux as well.  Since the restore function is mostly serial, the 
scalar code may be faster on
the ppc970 in many cases.  The same may be true for some of the 32 bit 
functions.  The PPC64
check should allow these to be tuned as necessary.

Beware that these patches contain optimizations to several of the 
encoder functions, so please
use this for testing purposes only.  They need to be thoroughly 
examined and tested before
being used for real encodes.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


PS Don't forget to run autogen.sh before configuring...

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