[Flac-dev] vorbis+flac compression

Jan Gorski slimak at slimak.info
Sun Jan 18 15:16:00 PST 2004

It seems, that oggenc-ing audiofile, and then flac-ing diffrences
between original file and vorbis compressed file gives a little better
compression than simply flac-ing. I've tested it on one file only:

file.wav			55829468 bytes
	flac -8	file.wav
file.flac			37924329 bytes (0.6793 of original)
	oggenc file.wav
file.ogg			 4784799 bytes
	oggdec -o ogg.wav file.ogg
	sox tmp.wav ogg-.wav vol -1.0
	soxmix file.wav ogg-.wav rests.wav
	flax -8 rests.wav
rests.flac			31353872 bytes
file.ogg+rests.flac		36138671 bytes (0.6473 of original)

Its time consuming, and decoding is harder than for flac, but both
formats are streamable. And what a jump in compression ratio...

Slimak (na krawędzi)

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