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Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Sun Feb 29 01:26:13 PST 2004


august wrote:

>>Did you try OggFLAC and MkaFLAC as alternative containers ?
>no, I didnt?  would that make a difference though?
Yes, i think so. Josh may tell different if i am talking rubbish, but i 
dont expect that FLAC's native framing has an index or the like, like 
matroska has, to support fast seeking, so seeking will probably mainly 
work on a per-sample base.

>For OggFLAC 
>>you need libogg, the Xiph documentation should be describing how to seek 
>>in the file. But i dont know if using another container than native FLAC 
>>framing is an option for you .....
>it's certainly an option, but I would love to know why normal FLAC seeking
>doesn't work. any hints? -august.
It probably does work, but as i was assuming already, maybe to the best 
of its possibilities. Many native framings are not really perfectly 
suited for seeking, MPC and even MP3 are perfect examples for that. 
Vorbis is different here, its put into Ogg natively, and Ogg provides 
some means for better seeking like the 'granulepos', which is used to 
mark the Ogg pages containing the Vorbis audio streams, and can be used 
for enhanced seeking.

matroska container will provide an index on top of that for the best 
possible seeking. mkvmerge/mmg ( http://mkvtoolnix.matroska.org ) can 
read both OggFLAC and native FLAC and will ouput a MKA file ( matroska 
audio ), if you want to test this. To play it on Windows, use either 
foobar2000 ( http://www.foobar2000.org ) or any DirectShow based player 
( like WMP 6.4 ) in combination with the matroska full pack from 
http://packs.matroska.org . On Linux, mplayer and VLC will work for FLAC 
in MKA, same for MacOSX.

For OggFLAC, the FLAC frontend can output it directly. Playback on 
Windows should work with the winamp plugin, but AFAIK there is no 
working DirectShow playback filter for that.

Hope this was helpful

matroska project admin
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