[Flac-dev] flac hardware recorder

Josh Coalson xflac at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 13 10:29:52 PST 2004

--- Chris Timko <cstimko at uark.edu> wrote:
> My name is christopher timko.  I am a senior in computer engineering
> doing 
> work on a hardware implimentation of flac.  I was curious if someone
> could 
> help me by pointing me to section of code i need to be looking at for
> the pc 
> version of flac.  Unfortunatly, i am not that accoustomed to looking
> at full c 
> projects, so i am kind of lost here.   I found the encode function in
> the main 
> routine under flac folder.  It gets sent to the encode.c function
> with a input 
> and output file name.  I notice though that there is an all.h header
> file 
> which i can't find in the flac directory, and some functions that i
> imagine 
> are in the same header file.
> any help would be appreciated.

the API docs have a little explanation:


the flac code is hierarchicaly organized; there are libraries
that implement encoding and decoding, with public exposed headers,
and command-line programs that use them.  any time you see:

#include "something"

the "something" will be looked up according to the compiler
include path, which is usually ./include (.h's that are private
to the program or library) then ../../include (public .h's
that end up being installed in /usr/include or wherever).

so the #include "FLAC/all.h" is src/flac/encode.c refers to


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