[Flac-dev] Ogg Squish 0.98?

Arc arc at Xiph.org
Thu Dec 9 16:54:59 PST 2004

On Thu, Dec 09, 2004 at 04:46:34PM -0800, Ralph Giles wrote:
> I found a 98.10 version, and uploaded it:
>     http://people.xiph.org/~giles/historic/
> I suppose these should go on downloads.xiph.org somewhere. Is it 
> reasonable to include them in the vorbis dir, or is something like 
> 'historic' more appropriate?

Let's get Monty to relicense it freely (note the non-profit use only, if you charge you 
gotta pay license) before putting it in a public archive.

I sent him an email this morning requesting this, hopefully we'll hear back from him 
soon.  He's the one with the Copyright, after all.


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