[Flac-dev] Re: Abuse - Unauthorized Subscription - b3ta (KMM1269769V1758L0KM)

Yahoo!Groups groups-abuse at yahoo-inc.com
Fri Sep 12 14:23:10 PDT 2003


Thank you for writing to Yahoo! Groups.

We were able to investigate the situation that you've described and 
found that your email address is currently not subscribed to the group 
you mentioned. If you continue to receive messages from the group please
send us a copy of the full headers for one of the messages you receive. 
Without a copy of the full headers we will be unable to further 
investigate this situation.

To view the full headers for Outlook or Outlook express please follow 
the directions below.

If you are using Outlook Express:

The easiest way to get the header in Outlook Express is to open the 
message and press CTRL F3, you may also view the full header of the 
message by doing the following:

1. Open the message.
2. Click on File on the top menu bar.
3. Click on Properties.
4. Click on Details.
Please copy the full header and paste it to your reply message.

If you are using Outlook:

"View->Option - Internet Headers"
1. Open the message.
2. Click on View on the top menu bar.
3. Click on Options.
4. Click on Internet Headers.
Please copy the full header and paste it to your reply message.

To learn how to display the full headers in a Yahoo! Mail account, 
please visit the Yahoo! Mail Help Pages at:


If you are using a different email client, please consult your email 
program's help system for more information on viewing full headers.

Here is an example of full headers:
<sentto-1234567-0-987654321-email=domain.com at returns.onelist.com>
Delivered-To: email at domain.com
Received: (mail 280 invoked from network); 10 Sep 2000 17:58:13 -0000
Received: (QMFILT: 1.0); 10 Sep 2000 18:58:13 -0000
Received: from unknown (HELO mail.domain.com) (
  by server with SMTP; 10 Sep 2000 17:58:12 -0000
sentto-2223873-0-968608687-mail=domain.com at returns.onelist.com
Received: from [] by mail.domain.com with NNFMP; 10 Sep 2000 
17:58:12 -0000
Received: (mail 932 invoked from network); 10 Sep 2000 17:58:07 -0000
Received: from unknown ( by mail.domain.com with QMQP; 10 Sep 
2000 17:58:07 -0000
X-eGroups-Return: mail at domain.net
To: groupname at egroups.com
Message-ID: <8sgi2c+u5ve at eGroups.com>
User-Agent: eGroups-EW/0.82
X-Mailer: eGroups Message Poster
From: "Mr. Name" <mail at domain.com>
MIME-Version: 1.0
Mailing-List: list group at egroups.com; contact 
Delivered-To: mailing list groupname at egroups.com
Precedence: bulk
List-Unsubscribe: <mailto:groupname-unsubscribe at egroups.com>
Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2000 17:58:04 -0000
Reply-To: groupname at egroups.com
Subject: [groupname] Subject
Content-Type: text/html; charset=US-ASCII
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit

Thank you again for contacting Yahoo! Customer Care.


Yahoo! Customer Care


Original Message Follows:

Yahoo! ID:  

Subject: Unauthorized Subscription

What Group are you reporting?

Type your feedback here:
 A spammer is signing up my mailing list by forging the 
list address.  The b3ta group is a popular offender; it 
seems to be automated as it is trying to sign up the list 
multiple times. 

While Viewing: http://help.yahoo.com/help/us/groups/groups-38.html

Yahoo ID: xflac : no amt link
Browser: Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Konqueror/3.0.0-10; Linux)
REMOTE_HOST: unknown
Date Originated: Monday September  8, 2003 - 22:56:30

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