[Flac-dev] Re: Streaming With Flac

ChristianHJW christian at matroska.org
Wed Oct 15 11:52:11 PDT 2003

Steven Vasquez wrote:
> We have FLAC support on our AudioReQuest products, and we allow 
> streaming from our built-in web server for MP3s, but can not get Flac 
> working.  Does anyone know a Windows based player that will play FLAC 
> streams? 

Try http://corecodec.org/projects/coreflac and any DirectShow based 
player ( like WMP 6.4 ) , but i dont know if Toff had the time already 
to add a async_reader sourcefilter structure, and this would be required 
if the filter should connect to the HTTP streaming filter from M$.

The only other solution i am aware of is the old MediaXW project of Ingo 
Ralf Blum, but i am not sure if the very old version on sourceforge is 
capable of playing FLAC already, and he improved the filter closed 
source on his home PC, disappointed from the lack of interest from other 
developers in what he was trying to do ....

> I have tried the Winamp plug-in for FLAC (even updated it to 1.1.0), but 
> streaming is not working.  We use embedded id3 tags instead of Flac 
> comments if this means anything.  Thanks ahead of time. 
> Steven Vasquez  ReQuest Multimedia http://www.ReQuest.com

Winamp :O !!!

/me dies from a heart attack ...

matroska project admin

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