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Dan Stowell danstowell at operamail.com
Sun Oct 5 08:44:04 PDT 2003


I'm trying to write a FLAC decoder for my Java audio app. Can I ask a couple of questions to this list about the format? I think there are a couple of things not-quite-mentioned in the official spec.

RICE CODING: Which order are Rice-coded numbers stored in? (a) [sign-bit][low-order bits]["k" zeroes][1]
(b) [sign-bit]["k" zeroes][1][low-order bits]
(c) [sign-bit][low-order bits]["k" ones][0]
(d) [sign-bit]["k" ones][0][low-order bits]
(e) ...?
(And I am I correct in saying the sign bit is 1 for positive, 0 for negative?)

WASTED BITS PER SAMPLE: What does this mean? I can't find a reference to what my decoder should do with the wasted-bits-per-sample flag.

FRAME BLOCKSIZE: If a frame's BLOCKSIZE is specified as 0000 ("get from STREAMINFO"), should I use the STREAMINFO "maximum blocksize" or "minimum blocksize"? Should the two always be equal in this case, and should I throw an exception if they aren't?

RICE PARTITION SIZE: In a zero-partition-order Rice block, the documentation says the number of samples in the partition is equal to the frame's blocksize. Surely this should be equal to the frame's-blocksize-minus-the-predictor-order, since we shouldn't need to encode residual for the warmup samples?

Thanks in advance!
Dan Stowell

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