[Flac-dev] flac123 revival

David Collett jg at webone.com.au
Mon Mar 10 03:20:01 PST 2003

I think it's a good idea,
Whats more, I think flac123 is an excellent introduction to flac
programming, its a very simple program and a great starting point for
incorporating flac into new projects. The FLAC API doco is good, but
there's nothing like a simple example to get you going!


On Mon, 2003-03-10 at 01:58, Sander Roobol wrote:
> Hello Dan Johnson, hello list,
> It's really weird that there's no working command line player for FLAC
> files. Dan Johnson created flac123 (licensed under the GPL) to fill that
> gap, and started the flac-tools project.
> Unfortunately, flac123 doesn't work anymore with the latest FLAC, and
> the flac-tools project has been idle for more than a year.
> I created a patch that makes flac123 work again with the latest flac
> (tested with 1.1.0), and improves the libao driver selection. It also
> fixes a configure issue when searching for libFLAC (libFLAC depends on
> libm on some systems). The patch is attached to this messsage.
> But why is this relevant to the flac-dev list? Well, I think flac123
> should be incorporated into the main FLAC distribution. Since FLAC
> already distributes various plugins, it would IMO be a small step to
> start distributing a command line player like flac123 too. FLAC provides
> a standalone tool to encode and decode files, but none for playback.
> I'm willing to maintain flac123, either in the FLAC project, or in
> flac-tools, or even as a separate fork, although I really prefer the
> first option. FLAC just needs a simple, working and widely available
> command line player.
> What do you think?
> Sander
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