[flac-dev] 'out of range' Warnings Building FLAC

J C Fitzgerald v7022 at wave.co.nz
Fri Jun 27 21:31:06 PDT 2003

Hi All,

I've been building and testing FLAC and have run a problem.  I get a
number of 'integer constant out of range' warnings during the make,
and these give rise to failures in the test suite:

    testing zeroes, raw_uint32*... FAILED pattern match
    testing process_until_end_of_stream()... 0... 1... 2...
    ERROR: metadata block mismatch

for example.

The problem is that gcc wants a 'ULL' suffix for integer
constants of type 'unsigned long long' (as typedef'ed by FLAC__uint64).
Appending this makes for a clean build and check.

I've attached a patch file, but it's platform specific and the problem
really needs to be sorted out in a portable way.

Also, just a couple of additions I'd like to see to the README:

Congratulations on having such a comprehensive test suite, but on my
machine, the 'make check' takes about six hours and the results scroll
off the screen.  Can a comment be included in the README to say that
because of this, it would be especially prudent to redirect output to
a file for later perusal?

When running 'make check' as root, some tests fail with:

    ERROR: iterator claims file is writable when tester thinks it
           should not be; are you running as root?

This seems to abort the remaining tests in that unit.  Can a either a
note be included in the README advising not to run 'make check' as root,
or have the test script take account of this and continue with a warning
when running as root?

John Fitzgerald

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