[Flac-dev] Unified codec interface

Csillag Kristóf fenwick at freemail.hu
Thu Jan 30 15:19:05 PST 2003

Here is what I imagined (just vague thoughts, nothing polished):

Let's suppose we have a hypotetical library called
"Free Universal Codec Kit" - ..um...well.. Frunick for short :)

(Of course I am not proposing this name, I'm sure the suits in the
industry would not like it...but for my example its OK ;)

Now, an application should do something like this:

#include <frunick.h>

void *my_encoder = create_frunick_encoder();
// a new encoding context

char **codecs = get_available_frunick_codecs();
// returns list of available codecs

load_frunick_codec(my_encoder, "vorbis");
//dynamically loads the selected codec, returns error if not available

char **parameters == get_frunick_codecs_parameters();
//get a list of the tuneable params of the selected codec

specify_frunick_parameter(my_encoder, "quality", "7");
//set a parameter of the codec

....and so on.

I have not yet looked into nor gstreamer nor uci
( http://uci.sourceforge.net/ ), so I don't know whether this thing
already exists ... but I hope once it will!

Csillag Kristóf <fenwick at freemail.hu>

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