[Flac-dev] Ogg Vorbis, Ogg Speex, Ogg FLAC

Csillag Kristóf fenwick at freemail.hu
Thu Jan 30 06:45:01 PST 2003

Now that FLAC has officionally joined the Xiph family,
there are three different free audio codecs, which can be
stored/transported using the ogg container.

Would it be possible to create an API and/or a library that
would cover them all?

If my understanding of the situation is correct, if an application wants
to support vorbis, speex and flac, it has to use three different
interfaces. (That's what Stan Seibert is doing right now with ogg123.)

If a unifying library would exist, application developers should only
code one interface. This would make things a lot more simple.

This could also help to spread speex and flac more quickly, because if
vorbis-aware applications start to use the new, unified library, they
get very near to speex and flac support... 

What do you think, does this make sense?

Csillag Kristóf <fenwick at freemail.hu>

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