[Flac-dev] mistake in FLAC++ metadata interface?

David Collett jg at webone.com.au
Wed Jan 22 02:44:02 PST 2003

Hi all,
Using the FLAC++ level 2 metadata interface the following function
doesn't do what you would expect:

(where cuesheet is a FLAC::Metadata::CueSheet *)

It returns a bool instead of an int, why is this?

To get the mumber of indicies in a track I need to use:

ie. retrieve the C struct and get it from there.

Is this a mistake in include/FLAC++/metadata.h ?
ie should line 609 be:
inline FLAC__byte get_num_indices() const { return object_->num_indices;
rather than:
inline bool get_num_indices() const { return object_->num_indices; }


David Collett <jg at webone.com.au>

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