[Flac-dev] Query on image link file mode?

kaiwei kaiwei at post1.com
Mon Jan 20 06:56:01 PST 2003


will it be possible to add single song playback support like Monkey's Audio 
Image Link File to FLAC+CUE? This will allow the playing of single songs 
from 1 large FLAC file.
Since FLAC can already embed the cuesheet inside the FLAC itself, the next 
step will be to allow the playback of the songs individually, allowing them 
to be added to playlists when playing singles. Please make them fully 
taggable & 'replaygainable (radio gain)' just like Monkey's Audio Image 
Link File.

Below is a sample APL(Monkey's Audio Image Link File) file format.

[QUOTE][Monkey's Audio Image Link File]
Image File=Tori Amos.ape
Start Block=9689211
Finish Block=24233391

----- APE TAG (DO NOT TOUCH!!!) -----

        Artist Tori Amos        Album Scarlet's Walk        Title A Sorta 
Fairytale        Track 02 APETAGEXè  ‡                  [/QUOTE]

It's fully taggable & replaygain also works on it. It's just like a APE 
file albeit only 1k in size. ;-)
Thanks in advance!


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