[Flac-dev] cue generation under linux and cdrdao

Dustin Byford dustin at firein.net
Fri Feb 21 12:18:21 PST 2003


I really love the one flac per cd idea.  So, I pulled all my cds out of 
storage to re-encode them.  I've run into a couple of general issues 

I've done some comparisons between eac under windows, and cdrdao under 
linux.  It seems that after converting the cdrdao data to .wav, both 
programs result in perfectly identical .wav files for the 3 cds I 
tested.  However, cdrdao likes to output a "toc-file" instead of the 
.cue file flac is expecting.  My initial instinct is to write some perl 
to convert the format, but I'm noticing that the start times for tracks 
generated from the toc file are exactly one second different than in 
the .cue file.

This leads to 3 questions:

Any ideas on why the times are different (perhaps better discussed on a 
cdrdao/eac list)?

What's the preferred method of generating a .cue file under linux (if 

Does it make sense for flac to accept toc files to populate the 
cuesheet metadata block?

Thanks for any help.


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