[Flac-dev] FLAC mime type

Joshua Haberman joshua at reverberate.org
Fri Feb 14 17:37:01 PST 2003

Late last year FLAC was added to the gnome-vfs mime-types database.  The
only problem is that it was added as application/x-flac, while it seems
more logical for it to be audio/x-flac.  Do you have an opinion on
this?  For comparison, mp3 is audio/x-mp3 but ogg is application/x-ogg
(presumably since it could have any kind of binary data inside).

I was going to ask Thomas Vander Stichele, the Gnome developer who added
this, why he chose application/ instead of audio/ but think I heard him
say today on IRC that he was going to be away for a week or more.


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