[Flac-dev] plugin optimizations

Josh Coalson xflac at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 5 22:45:02 PST 2003

--- Miroslav Lichvar <lichvarm at phoenix.inf.upol.cz> wrote:
> Here is all-in-one patch, if this is a problem, i will try to make
> separated patches.
> Changes:
> plugin_common/
>   * FLAC__plugin_common__pack_pcm_signed_little_endian 
>     * accept FLAC__int32 *input[]
>     * supports more channels
>     * fixed clipping bug
>       (BTW, random number generator in dither.c is low quality, it
>       should be replaced, generator in replaygain is much better)
>   * FLAC__plugin_common__apply_gain
>     * accept FLAC__int32 *input[]
>     * noise shaping type moved into DitherContext (user will not be
>       confused by louder noise if shaping is switched on during
>       playback)
>     * supports more channels
>     * works correctly if wide_samples % 32 != 0
> plugin_xmms/
>   * optimizations and updates following changes in plugin_common
>     (winamp plugins need update too!)
>   * preamp up to +24dB
>   * fixed crash when replaygain (or dither) is enabled during
> playback

excellent.  I will get this in as soon as I have a chance.
I'm really busy and starting a new job next week, so it might
take a few.

>   * fixed 8bit input support
>     (Does winamp accept signed or unsigned 8bit? Is 1.1.0 winamp
>     plugin ok?)

yeah, someone else reported a bug with 8-bit too... it is probably
broken in winamp also.  I will see what you did and bring it over.


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