[Flac-dev] cuesheets w/ PERFORMER & TITLE track info

Josh Coalson xflac at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 27 01:02:04 PDT 2003

--- rpp3po <rpp3po at gmx.de> wrote:
> Hi there,
> is there any specific reason for ignoring TITLE and PERFORMER info
> when
> importing CD-TEXT cuesheets into flac files? (These two fields have
> not
> always been used but they have become widely supported by now). One
> may
> answer that the preferred method for getting this kind of info for a
> cuesheet-flac would be CDDB, but CDDB info is not always reliable.
> In my opinion the goal "Now a CD can be completely backed up to a
> single
> FLAC file for archival" has not been reached as long as this metadata
> is
> incomplete.
> Since there is no standardization for metadatablocks in flac files
> containing multiple tracks, this information could conveniently be
> stored
> within the integrated cuesheet, just as e.g. the ISRC fields.

David's summary is correct.  To fully implement CDTEXT is not
practical.  To not fully implement CDTEXT will invariably leave
a large segment of usages out.  So the choice I made was to not
do it at all.

The analogous situation is with ID3.  There is ID3 v1, which is
widespread but widely despised because it's too limited, and
ID3 v2, which is hugely complex.  In fact no one has really gotten
metadata right and I thought it is too big a problem to solve
inside of FLAC.

So for right now, until a real metadata solution comes along,
the single-stream-per-CD method will need to rely on an external
metadata database.  Note that this does not necessarily require
a network connection, since you could have a CDDB cache for
regular use.

If this is not acceptable, it is also possible to store one-
track-per-stream and use Vorbis comments, and also store the
cue sheet in parallel.  At least this way the original CD is
still reconstructable.


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