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ChristianHJW christianhjw at users.sourceforge.net
Thu Oct 31 05:42:04 PST 2002

"Steve Lhomme" <steve.lhomme at free.fr> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
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> Josh Coalson wrote:
> > --- engdev <engdev at ozemail.com.au> wrote:
> >>Hi,
> >>Has there been any progress on the ACM for FLAC
> >>that was being looked at by Steve Lhomme?
> > Haven't heard anything here about it for a long time.
> Sorry, I sent my reply to engdev privately (because there's no good
> reply to). In short I haven't worked on it due to limitations on AVI and
> since then I've worked on MCF to get rid of these problems and be able
> to use good VBR codex.
> Hopefully when MCF is working I'll work on a UCI codec for FLAC
> (probably not an ACM).

AVI sux. MCF and UCI are the answers ( IMHO ). I really hope we can find
anybody else as a volunteer to implement a UCI interface into FLAC once Alex
Stewart is about to fix the specs and has a stable libuci running to allow
testing of the codec interface against it. Steve is 'MCF chief engineer'
( ;-)  and the backbone of MCF, and we are all anxiously waiting on him to
freeze and document MCF-1 specs and update libmcf then. We have first alpha
test files with MP2/3/PCM audio and uncompressed RGB video in them, and
first dshow and JMF based MCF parsers for them.

At the same time i am trying to motivate Cyrius to start looking into using
UCI codecs from Virtualdub ( as alternative to VfW/ACM ), so that movies
with VBR audio codecs like MPC ( musepack ), Lame VBR, Vorbis, etc. can be
packed in a suitable container ( preferably MCF, maybe even OGG/OGM ). Of
course, we have to wait patiently for Alex Stewart to release UCI/libuci as
alphas before we really can start working on that.

For FLAC alone MCF could offer some nice features same as for MPC, like
having a complete album in one file ( tracks accessible via chapters or
menue ), album covers or lyrics attached in the file, mode 2 form 2 CDs with
header protection for 800 MB/80 mins, multi segmented files with internal MD
5 ID ( nice for p2p ), etc. ...

Reminds me that i wanted to drop an email to this list to ask if you are ok
that we add FLAC as possible audio compression format to mf's S-DVD specs,
the openstandard next generation HDTV DVD standard, based on
MCF/Theora/Tarkin/Vorbis and blue laser DVDs .... :-) ..... as you can see,
we are a small team but we are not lacking of visions at all  .....   lol
..... ;-)


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