[Flac-dev] nice idea

Marco "elcabesa" Belli elcabesa at inwind.it
Tue Oct 1 12:43:37 PDT 2002

some times ago i was playing with coding, shannon theoremes and other stuff, i 
have tried without  success to compress audio wave, and i have notice that 
simply oversampling audio material enacnhe a lot compression ratio

i only take awav file,  oversampled it by 20 tiimes and then compressi it 
using pkzip or rar.
i don0't remember if i also do a CONSTANT PREDICTION,
iony know that pkzip and rar nicely work when they have to compress a file 
that has few symbols
pkzip fail compressing chinese, or wave file
 but work with english text couse it has only 20  symbols=)
a wav file has 2^16 simbols.. but if you oversampled it and then make a 
CONSTANT PREDICTION you can reduce the nunber of truly used symbols to a 
lower number.

try it=)
and may be it will work=)

or maybe it will not =)

see you 
good work 
and sorry ofr my bad english

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