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On Mon, 11 Nov 2002, Josh Coalson wrote:

> > Very strange.  I wounder if my two problems are related.  The
> > bitbuffer
> > gets data moved around when read it called, so maybe they are
> > related.
> > It really seems like there is some memory craziness going on.
> Gets moved by who?  It's hard for me to tell without seeing
> your code.

By libflac.  Libflac has it's own buffer called a bitbuffer.  When the
buffer needs to be filled, there is usually some data at the end of the
buffer (a part of a frame, may include parts of bits) that needs to be
moved to the beginning of the buffer. (see FLAC__bool
bitbuffer_read_from_client_).  I thought this was using memmove but it
seems that it doesn't.

... So maybe I was wrong about the relation between my two problems.

It is all very strange.  Something very fishy is going on.  I've been
trying to see if my CRT is to blame.  Linking different versions at
different times, but no luck yet.

When I get time I'll fire up GDB to see if I can track down these

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