[Flac-dev] getting framesize in client

Josh Coalson xflac at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 8 12:40:06 PST 2002

--- Miroslav Lichvar <lichvarm at phoenix.inf.upol.cz> wrote:
> I have few notes:
> It seems there is changed API in CVS again. So, what about adding
> function like
> 	unsigned FLAC__format_frame_size(const FLAC__Frame *frame)
> which returns size of the frame in bytes. This can be useful, for
> example, in xmms plugin to display current bitrate like vorbis plugin
> does.

What changed?  I don't remember changing anything like that,
maybe I checked something in by accident...

Unfortunately according to the format the frame size is not
stored anywhere so the decoder would have to track it.  I am
running into a similar problem: I am adding an option to
metaflac to add seekpoints and it has to know the same thing,
so I will be adding a function in libFLAC that makes it possible
for the client to keep track of this also.

> If 'PERFORMER' field is missing in vorbis comment, it would be nice
> to
> display 'ARTIST' field in plugins instead.

Yeah, the winamp2 plugin does it but the xmms plugin doesn't.
It's easy to add though.

> In some libFLAC files isn't including of config.h.

Which ones?


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