[Flac-dev] FLAC and non-64 bit capable compiler

Ron Cococcia ron at request.com
Mon Nov 4 15:58:06 PST 2002

I'm working on incorporating FLAC into an audio player I wrote, and I've
come across a slight problem.  The compiler I use doesn't have 64-bit
integer support (Watcom v10.6).  I have compiled it with gcc, but I need to
link with other libraries that are not compatible with gcc's stack calling
conventions, so I can't use gcc and must use Watcom.

A few questions:
1) What are the 64-bit integers used for in FLAC?
2) Would I be able to substitute the 64-bit integer uses to 32-bit values,
and what problems will this cause?
3) If 64-bit integers are necessary, does anybody have a 64-bit library
(source) that might work?

Thanks in advance for any help!


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