[Flac-dev] Mac OS X - xmms plugin probs

Ben Hines bhines at alumni.ucsd.edu
Tue May 21 10:45:10 PDT 2002

At 10:39 AM -0700 5/21/02, Josh Coalson wrote:
>--- Ben Hines <bhines at alumni.ucsd.edu> wrote:
>>  I guess the problem is really why is it trying to relink it?
>>  The "parse error: condition expected:" is suspicious, though.. maybe
>>  it's another "zsh as sh" problem... hmm..
>I don't remember having any trouble building the plugin on
>my ibook but that was a few months ago, so my memory may be
>fuzzy.  I'll try again and post what I get.

I think the key is attempting to build it with a DESTDIR. Be sure you 
use a DESTDIR - and a prefix. :)

I actually found some hints about this bug in libtool:

"libtool 1.4.2 (gettext 0.11): Relinking fails when DESTDIR set"


They have a patch to supposedly fix the bug. This patch works with 
another package i was having problems with, but not FLAC.

Also, FLAC needs the "The loadable module bug" libtool patch which is 
listed at this page:


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